My business is all about repeat business

By: Diana Budway

My business is all about repeat business

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A successful business is based on two things:

1. Keeping your customers satisfied and

2. Getting new clients

These two rules are intertwined. Satisfied customers will return for repeat business as well as provide great testimonials and referrals for potential new clients.

My client’s get superior customer service from the moment we meet until conclusion of the transaction. The key goal is to establish long-term relationships. Not just a one-time transaction.

I could not tell you how many times over the years that one of the most common complaints with consumers is lack of communication!

Sometimes it may be advising clients not to proceed with their plans, or at least not at this time. For example, I was working with a young family. They had one child that was under 3 years and a baby on the way. The husband explained that he was looking for a house that they could move into and it would be a “fixer-upper”. Now, can you imagine having all kinds of trades people in and out of the house with a toddler and a woman that is expecting! What about the chaos, noise, dirt and fumes! My husband did renovations and I’ve lived in the house during extensive upgrades so I know exactly what it’s like! The husband was not a handyman, nor did he have any experience with renovating or working with trades people. He had not considered how much it would cost or how long it could take. After discussing the options, he and his wife agreed that perhaps now was not the time to purchase a “fixer-upper”, but to purchase a “move-in” ready property.

A number of years later we revisited the plan, and recently they purchased an investment property that needed some upgrades. The house was vacant, perfect timing! And, now besides being a home owner, he is now a Landlord.

Another scenario…A young newly married couple was looking for a condominium. We had looked at a few that were a good size, but with no air-conditioning. The areas we were looking at was not the best. The street lighting in the complex was minimal. My major concern was the for the young woman who was working shift work and would be coming home late at night. I was thinking that if this was my daughter, I would not feel comfortable with her coming home late. I expressed my concern and we started looking at condominiums with 24 hour security, a little bit smaller but in a much better area. It had air-conditioning, plus it would save them both 20 minutes a day commuting. This will not only will save them time, but money for gas, insurance and the wear and tear on the vehicle. Then when they are ready to sell this property it would increase in value far more than the other ones they were originally considering. It’s a win, win!

Both of these clients have now recommended me to their friends and family.

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