To stage or not to stage?

By: Diana Budway

To stage or not to stage?

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Your home fits your lifestyle, your favourite colours on the walls, that favourite chair that really should be replaced, but is oh so comfortable, now you hate to part with it. Your countertops have all your small appliances and frequently used items on them. The sofas are placed for the best view of the television. You may have placed the furniture on angles or simply have too much furniture. The kitchen and dining room tables are large enough to have your entire family over for dinner. The bathroom counters are covered with makeup and toiletries.

Few things deter buyers more than a cluttered home. They need to see your home, not your stuff. Excessive personal items like photos, collections, personal awards, electronics, and collectibles will make it difficult for buyers to see past your personal style and may deter a sale. Taking yourself out of the picture makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves, and their stuff, in your space.

Remember you have to pack anyway. So use the garage or put items in storage.

Prospective buyers plus their real estate agent will need to be able walk through the property without having to walk around furniture or into each other. Otherwise it may make the room feel small and cramped. They like to look out of the windows, see the view, so make sure they have a clear path and leave the windows coverings open so you can see outside and have some natural light coming into the rooms.

If viewings are scheduled for the evening make sure to leave the outdoor light on so they can see the address clearly. Leave a couple of lights and lamps on inside. Dark houses are not welcoming.

Vacant properties are not warm or inviting. The photos are dull and lifeless. The windows are bare. It is highly recommended that they are staged!

Using a stager will eliminate the “Guess Work” and “Do it yourself” work.

A professional stager will walk through your home with you and make suggestions. Sometimes they can work with some of your furniture, but may rearrange them slightly. Then by adding some artwork, bedding, bathroom towels, plus some accents will make a huge impact. Staged properties along with professional photography will attract more buyers and real estate agents.

The professional stagers I use have unique furnishings, artwork, and accessories, not the typical staging items you see frequently in a number of today’s properties for sale. Your property will be the highlight of their viewings and not the competitors!

The better it looks, the more money you’ll make. It’s really that simple. So let’s get your property ready for sale!

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