Why hire a Buyer Real Estate Representative?

By: Diana Budway

Why hire a Buyer Real Estate Representative?

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The services of a truly professional real estate agent can save you both time and money!

And the best part is there is no cost to you as the Seller pays for your agent’s commission.

Once you feel comfortable and have agreed to work with the Buyer agent they can set you up on property match. This will send you daily emails of all the properties listed on the MLS system that match your needs and budget; typically sending you information before it’s posted anywhere else. As you know, the good deals go first! This will save you hours of searching online yourself.

Even if you manage to find something online yourself, you need to schedule showings with the different agents working for each property to view anything you might like or try to find out when there is an open house. All this can be done by your Buyer Agent! The agent can schedule all viewings, and you can see the properties privately on your own schedule rather than in an open house working at someone else’s convenience.

In this hot market, you may think that going into multiple offers with the Seller agent will secure you winning, however this is not the case. There are very strict guidelines that must be adhered too to protect the both the other agents and consumers.

Remember the Seller agent is working on behalf of the Seller! Would you go to court with the same lawyer? Hiring a Buyer agent will work for YOU. They will negotiate on YOUR behalf presenting offers and counter offers to make sure that you’re well protected.

Buying a home is an understandably emotional time. Having an agent who is not emotionally attached to the purchase will ensure you have a voice of reason when you fall in love with a home’s layout and don’t notice a decaying roof.

Make sure to read and understand everything before you sign. The Agreements you sign are legally binding contracts. Also, check all of the dates so you know how long you have agreed to work with the agent. The paperwork can be overwhelming, so I like to show my clients the Buyer contract in “Layman’s Terms” as it is easier to read than the legal jargon.

The Buyer agent should also be asking you questions, such as; How long are you planning to stay in the new property? Are schools important? Need to be close to public transportation and/or Highways? How far are you willing to travel to work? Parking for how many cars?

Work with an agent that will treat you honestly, integrity and professionalism… Sometimes I have advised my clients not to purchase a home, yes it may take a little longer to find the ideal home, but I would rather work harder than have my client have Buyer’s remorse!

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